How Medicines Law & Policy
is Aiding the Covid-19 Response
European Union Review of Pharmaceutical Incentives:
Suggestions for Change
A new briefing paper series from Medicines Law & Policy
EU Review of Pharmaceutical
Incentives: Suggestions for Change
Medicines Law & Policy creates tools countries and others looking to increase access to medicines can use to overcome patent barriers when needed.
Medicines Law & Policy maintains a database
documenting use of TRIPS Flexibilities
to increase access to medicines worldwide.
Medicines Law & Policy releases analysis,
policy recommendations and tools to aid practitioners
working on universal access to medicines.

Latest Posts

Human Rights Watch: All governments should endorse the WHO C-TAP Solidarity Call to Action

As the race towards a Covid-19 vaccine continues – with 11 leading candidates in phase 3 clinical trials, 14 more in phase 2 and...

Dutch Court Orders AstraZeneca to Pay Damages in Patent Evergreening Case

Today the Dutch court made a long-awaited ruling in the patent evergreening case of health insurance company Menzis versus AstraZeneca. It found that AstraZeneca...

WTO Members discuss proposal to suspend certain intellectual property protection during the Covid-19 crisis

An earlier version of this comment was published by The Wire on 13 October 2020. On 2 October, India and South Africa sent a proposal...

How the ‘Oxford’ Covid-19 vaccine became the ‘AstraZeneca’ Covid-19 vaccine

The ‘Oxford / AstraZeneca’ vaccine is one of the world’s leading hopes in the race to end the Covid-19 pandemic. Its history is not...

TRIPS Council to discuss IP and the public interest in the context of Covid-19

The search for new treatments and vaccines needed to respond to the Covid-19 outbreak has laid bare some key issues around intellectual property (IP)...

Remdesivir developed country price announced

On 29, June 2020 Gilead announced its global price for developed countries for remdesivir, a medicine that has shown some effect in the treatment...

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