How Medicines Law & Policy
is Aiding the Covid-19 Response
European Union Review of Pharmaceutical Incentives:
Suggestions for Change
A new briefing paper series from Medicines Law & Policy
EU Review of Pharmaceutical
Incentives: Suggestions for Change
Medicines Law & Policy creates tools countries and others looking to increase access to medicines can use to overcome patent barriers when needed.
Medicines Law & Policy maintains a database
documenting use of TRIPS Flexibilities
to increase access to medicines worldwide.
Medicines Law & Policy releases analysis,
policy recommendations and tools to aid practitioners
working on universal access to medicines.

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Interest in the use of compulsory licensing is making a comeback in high-income countries in response to concerns about access to Covid-19 vaccines and...

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This week various international bodies are tackling different challenges in meeting the urgent problem of scaling-up manufacture of and access to vaccines for Covid-19....

Dutch Health Care Institute Says No to Medicines Pirate

It seems the Dutch health care system and health care professionals are fed up with the abuse of the orphan medicines regulation, which is...

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The European Commission has been heavily criticised for its performance over Covid-19 vaccine supply to European Union Member States. Despite the urgency of the...

The European Commission says Covid-19 vaccines should be global public goods, but do their...

By Ellen 't Hoen & Pascale Boulet The European Commission has entered into advance purchase agreements (APAs) for Covid-19 vaccines with six pharmaceutical companies and is...

The elephant in the room at the WHO Executive Board

The World Health Organization (WHO) Director-General, Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus spoke harshly about the lack of Covid-19 vaccines in developing countries at the opening of...

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