How Medicines Law & Policy
is Aiding the Covid-19 Response
European Union Review of Pharmaceutical Incentives:
Suggestions for Change
A new briefing paper series from Medicines Law & Policy
EU Review of Pharmaceutical
Incentives: Suggestions for Change
Medicines Law & Policy creates tools countries and others looking to increase access to medicines can use to overcome patent barriers when needed.
Medicines Law & Policy maintains a database
documenting use of TRIPS Flexibilities
to increase access to medicines worldwide.
Medicines Law & Policy releases analysis,
policy recommendations and tools to aid practitioners
working on universal access to medicines.

Latest insight from Medicines Law & Policy

Proposed TRIPS waiver a hollow diplomatic compromise with little practical impact

In October of 2020, 9 months into the pandemic, fearing conflicts over intellectual property (IP) related to medical measures to fight the pandemic,  India...

The US NIH will share technology with WHO to fight the pandemic

The US National Institutes of Health today committed to sharing several technologies with a World Health Organization body tasked with increasing access to Covid-19...

With technology transfer, 120 companies in low- and middle-income countries could manufacture mRNA vaccines

Recent reporting from the British Medical Journal (BMJ) has revealed efforts by BioNTech – the technology firm behind Pfizer’s projected $100 billion in Covid-19...

Wrapping up 2021 – some noteworthy medicines law and policy events

Welcome to the annual end of the year blog, our highly biased overview of noteworthy events in the field of medicines law and policy....

Landmark decision by the World Health Assembly to start negotiations for a pandemic treaty

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND: World Health Organization (WHO) member states today decided to pursue an agreement that can better prepare the world to face future pandemics....

Imagine if health and trade ministers would meet in one room this week

A earlier version of this commentary was published on 28 November 2021 by Barron's. This is a time of missed opportunities. This week, trade ministers...

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